(Alpha-cypermethrin 100 g/L EC)

Non-systemic agricultural Insecticide for the Control of sucking and chewing insects

ACCESS 10 EC is a broad spectrum and highly active Insecticide which acts on pests through contact and ingestion. It rapidly knocks down pests and effectively controls common chewing and sucking insects like aphids, caterpillars, bollworms, cutworms, thrips, stalk borers, stemborers and dubas and humeira on palm among others.

ACCESS 10 EC can be efficienly used on vegetables, fruit trees, citrus and palm dates.

ACCESS 10 EC is very effective at very small dosage thus environmentally suitable and cost effective

Use: For Coleopterous, Hemipterous, and Lepidopterous pests of cereals, coffee, cotton, fruit, rape, rice, soybeans, and vegetables. Cutworm control in all row crops.

Technical Leaflet