PH & Vector Control

LOD’s Public Health products are designed for indoors & outdoors Pest and Vector Control

We developed aqueous based and low evaporation formulations that can help you in effective control of mosquitoes, cockroaches, sandflies, bedbugs and many other pests of Public Health importance.

LOD’s Public Health formulations are continuously improved in order to ensure good efficiency with high safety for users.

Adjuvants issued from the last development in Green Chemistry are used in order to maintain safe properties to our products (no irritation, low VOC content, biodegradability…)

Public Health, Vector Control &  PCO (Pest Control Outdoors) pesticides :

  1. PH, Vector & pco Insecticides.

  2. Mosquitoes, Blackfly & Midge.

  3. Fly baits

  4. Termiticides

LOD’s products follow recommendations and specifications of the WHO Pesticide Evaluation Scheme (WHOPES) and comply with local and international regulatory standards.

LOD’s Public Health portfolio of product solutions is designed for professional applicators, municipalities, based on high efficiency pesticides and suitable advice for specific pest problem.